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Muscles of the Gods: The New Pharaohs

Step into the sands of time with our gripping comic series set in the enchanting realm of Egypt. With every turn of the page, witness tales of might and mysticism as characters undergo extraordinary male and female muscle growth, masterfully illustrated by the unparalleled THOR.

While we delight in sharing snippets of these sagas with you each week, the full odyssey awaits on our Patreon. There, our esteemed subscribers can unlock the complete narrative and journey through the expansive dunes and temples alongside our ever-evolving protagonists. Not a patron yet? Consider diving into the depths of our stories there. And for those of you just passing by, remember to return weekly for free page releases that are sure to captivate and inspire.

The pyramids weren’t built in a day, and neither were these tales. Dive in and become part of our chronicle! 🪶🏺💪🏼


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